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  Robotic Madness


From the up and comming movie Wall-E I will attempt to make this little Robot. I will keep you posted as I progress.


Full size Wall-E



Almost finished Wall-E

This is the start of my tutorial for Wall-E, It will take some time to upload 250 pics so you may not see all of my tutorial at once.

Robosapien V2 hip motors and gearbox.

This was an adapter for the gearbox cog, it was glued to a 45 degree bevel gear, The actual gear is not used but on the other side is a hex recess which the mattrack hex rod engages into.

Now you can see the nylon hex rod engauged into the beveled gear.

A brass shim has been placed over the nylon hex rod, This is for the bearing to house onto.

 Another view of this setup.

Top pic is the outer attachment of the Mattracks, The cap bolt engauges into the nylon hex rod.

Shaft assembly attached to the motors.

Outer Mattrack shell being bored to accomodate a ballrace.

Ballrace fitted into recess.

Shaft fitted to gearbox.

1 set of Mattracks.

All components for drive train.

Motors attached to Mattracks.

Shafts attached to the Mattracks.

Alloy base brackets and polycarb 5mm sheet.

mounted on base.

Batteries mounted.

Hb 25 motor controllers, these may not be used.

Close up of the HB25 motor controllers.

Alloy brackets fot the motor mounts.

Brackets for the motors.

Motors fitted to brackets.

Alloy brackets for battery.

Alloy battery bracket mounted on the base at back.

2 GD2P12 ir sensors front and back.

Starting to make the 6mm plywood box.

Filling in the front and back.

6mm plywood external side panels and balsa front panel for the uOLED screen.

Balsa front panel, uOLED fits in the left space.

Rear view of uOLED.

Front view of uOLED.

Part 2



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