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  Wall-E Part 4


Part 4

Balsa added to underside of alloy tubes.

Closer view.

Top view.

This is the start of the neck construction, You need two neck sides from 1.5mm ply.

Balsa frame to accomodate the head servo at the top.

Opposite end view.

Top view after glueing together.

Now filling in the front and back.

Holes are for servo cables and other wiring such as LEDs and cds cell.

Neck area front and back filled in and balsa discs added to represent metal panels.

Servo horn for tilt.

Servo attached to the head.

Neck attached to the head.

Servo fitted and neck attached.

Pan/Tilt servos and hardware.

Starting to come to life.

Checking to see if all is ok with the tilt servo.

Here we have a collection of parts that is needed for the operation of Wall-E, Body, Head, neck,arms,Servos, and Bs2p board for testing, Adifferent board will be used for the BS2P40 CPU.

Tracked system added here.

Body primed and sanded ready for detailed rivets.

First stages of the weathering process, After the grey primer I have sprayed rust primer over the grey.

Body gets the same treatment.

Neck is about to get the rivet treatment, PVA glue is thinned 40% with water and a sharp instrument is used to form the rivets by dipping it into the glue then applying it in an even fashion to the neck area's.

Rivets applied and some larger ones, This glue will dry clear and will be sprayed in silver.

This technique becomes effective when sprayed.

Same process for the hands, but now sprayed in silver.

Same process for the neck.

As you can see it is becoming quit effective as you layer the paint process.

Hand gets the same treatment.


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