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J.2.R Robot


An amazing Robot using the very popular BS2 stamp, Has 3 servos two for the drive and 1 for the neck for the U/S sensor, 1 IR GP2D12 sensor and 1 LDR sensor, Also numerous accessories. Stay tuned.

Here is a link to the technical specs of this robot.

I received my JR2 the other day and here is a review of it.
First, The assembled J2R M'mmm leaves a bit to be desired, The servos,sensors,batteries,S/S body,wheels and circuit board are pretty good, However the base [.5 mm S/S] is to flexible and distorts, I plan to use 5mm acrylic sheet for the base.The wiring from circuit board to sensors was bad, some of the female plastic plugs were melted from excess heat when soldering, These had to be replaced with parallax female leads cut in half, This left a neat female plug to fit on to the circuit board pins. The mounting of the servos was particularly bad as they were not parallel with the base and needed to be redone. This aside it is a very interesting robot. I have done all the mods needed to make this bot as I would have expected from the designer as an assembled kit. Here are the mods in order that i did them.

Alloy brackets for the servos to be bent to shape.

Alloy brackets for servos bent,drilled and notched for servo leads.

Servos and wheels with brackets.

Servos and wheels different angle.

Brackets mounted to acrylic base with servos.

5mm Acrylic base that replaces the .5mm S/S steel base.

Alloy bracket for battery pack in center.

Mounting studs for BS2 circuit board.

BS2 circuit board in place.

Close up of BS2 circuit board and wiring.

Sharp GD2P12 IR distance sensor.

Alloy bracket for GD2P12 sensor.

Base modifications made,Neck servo and sensors ping sonar,mouth led,CDS sensor and spkr.

Arms and S/S body in the background.

Ping sonar with mouth led mod.

New sonar alloy bracket with servo horn attached,

Another view inside of mount.

Sonar mounted on Alloy bracket and servo horn bolted in place.

J2's eye brows.

J2's eye brows in place.

Two alloy brackets for securing the neck servo, once the servo is in the lower one the top one fits over the lower one.

Neck servo in bracket.

Sonar bracket mounted to neck servo.

Whole assembly now fitted to neck servo.

Neck/head assembly fitted to J2's S/S body and alloy arms fitted.

Side view of J2 reading the BS2 manual.

Here's looking at you.


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