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  Modified ER1

My highly modified ER1

Finally I have some pics of ER1 Highly Modified.There are two extra ER1 accessory packs which include the X beams and other connectors.

Laptop and home entertainment remote.

Microsoft VX3000 camera and home entertainment IR unit.

Camera and remote.

Altec Lansing spk and RCC module.

Stepper motor drive system.

NEC Laptop.

Full frontal, collision avoidance camera.

Belkin 7 port hub, [all used]

Top camera object recognition,Home entertainment IR.

Belkin wifi, Phidgit 8/8/8, and another two port hub.

12v power supply 5.3amp + 12v p/s 7amp motor supply.

Phigit 12v - 5v 4 port USB, These will replace the belkin 7 port hub and make ER1 independant from power cords.

All these pics are the latest updates of my modified ER1

Obsticle avoidance cam, Home entertainment ir unit and extended mic

Gripper cam and gripper.

Top view.

Gripper cam and mouse/keyboard IR unit.

Alteclansing speaker system.

Without laptop.

Phigits 8/8/8 interface board and two Phigits 4 port USB 12v-5v hubs.

Rear end with interfaces, The Belkin hub will be removed at right.

Hope you like these, work in progress.

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