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"Do robots have a heart? Your award winning Wall-E robot sure looks like he hes more than the sum of his adorable parts! You have a genius not only for the technical, but for the creative as well, and your blog is amazing chronicle of your substantial talent!"

"Content of site are extremely cool and did a great job, no doubt about that but speed is really slow and it is one of the drawback, second thing that i would like to change is your layout, it doesn't look good, i would recommend you to do some changes in it. Over all site is good. Already bookmarked it."

"Very good content and simple navigation. Keep up the good work.. "

"The ocncept behind this website is great, everybody loves robots!! You have some very cool work posted up there, amazing really...I love the Wall-E one the best :-) for the website itself the navigation is very simply and laid out great. I would like to see a more modern design implemented, but the current design works fine! Best of luck , and keep making those cool robots!!"

"Concept and Contents are really cool, I found it a useful site for robot loves and defiantly recommend my friends to check it out. One thing I would like to change is due to lots images over one single page make page load heavy loaded and take lot of time to load a full page. Rest of thing where good."

"very nice content for robotic"

"What a really great site and a cool hobby. Robotics seems to be underreported and under appreciated nowadays as opposed to the 90s. Your site is great although I would suggest getting rid of the splash page and just getting straight to the content."

"Cool site, interesting robots too. "

"Quite an interesting site on robotics. It offers tutorials on the owner's workshop and robots. It previews actual designs to share with the viewer. The content is superb. "

"Very nice, i love to read about robosapiens. Full of pictures, and very cool robots there. But the alignment is out of poportion. The width is too large too to fit a normal browser. Besides that, links and navigation seems to pose no problem. Well done!"

"Nice site- well thought out, great content and appropriate graphics. Loaded quickly and was easy to navigate. Good luck!"

"good site, will be back...."

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