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Technics LEGO Project

This is a design using Technics LEGO and Parallax's basic stamp controlling two modified continuous rotation servos, It is also using treads for the tracks, This is an on going project.


Proposed BS2P40 Demo Board shown, but may change this.


Side view of track gears.

Alloy bracket and GD2P12 IR sensor.

GD2P12 sensor with a 47uf tan cap across the + and - terminals for a cleaner signal.

GD2P12 IR sensor in center, Also note twin ping sensors mounted on pan/tilt servos x 4 for left /right servo movements.

Pan/tilt servo system before mounting ping sensors.

Top, battery box x 2 [one shown] below LEGO base plate which the battery box will be cyno glued to.

Two battery box's 7.2v AA 2500ma

Two battery box's now in place.

BS2 Stamp and board.

Another view of BS2 Stamp and board.

Modified LEGO plate for switch.

Side view of switch plate.

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More to come

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