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  ED 209 Biped Scout
ED 209 Biped Scout

This is a biped that would be used for the 2009 Robo games in Sanfrancisco if I were going to it, seeing that I will probably not be going i thought i would make one anyway. I am in partners with a freind in Jacksonville [Warren] We are making another biped for the games and Warren will be attending the games.

Well after receiving my biped scout from Tom I have been busy trying to fit my ED 209 head to it, Here are some pics to date, Of course it will have to be painted, but had to install it and see how it looks, your feed back would be appreciated.

As arrived from Tom.

Putting it together.

ED 209 head.

Installed head on pan/tilt.

Front view, Looks mean.

Back view.

Foot pads may be incorporated, front and sides.

Low down look.

Now it does look really mean.

Side view.

Had to go and do some more robotics during the forum chat today, so here are the efforts. Fitted the left arm on the Ed 209 ready for the Gattling guns.

Had to make two left and right custom alloy brackets to mount the shoulder servos.

Large flat area sits on top of the biped lexan front frame.

1 HSR 5990 and 1 HR 645 for the shoulder.

Left shoulder mounted.

Side shot of shoulder.

Close up.

Rear close up of left shoulder.

More updates on ED 209

Second Alloy bracket for left arm.

Both arms fitted and outstretched, You can either have the guns slung below or out higher up.

Arms lowered, Weapons low down.

Close up of left arm.

Close of arm lowered.

Rear view of Arms lowered.

Next I will be making molds for the larger front feet, These will be made of balsa and ply then prepared for mold making then cast in carbon fiber with some alloy inserted for strength.

Update Sunday afternoon.

Rear alloy bracket that supports the arm servos.

Custom Alloy bracket that supports the arms.

Servo arms attached to the custom bracket.

Bracket in place.

Rear shot of alloy bracket, Anchored to the SES frame for stability.

Side shot showing Rear of head removed and alloy mounting bracket.

Ha Ha, Guns mounted just to show what it MAY look like, Rockets to go on the side shoulder servo as when raised the rockets will be on top , also the guns will be higher up. These guns will be changed to Gattling guns.

Front shot of guns.

Clearer shot of weapon system.

Mean and dirty, ED 209 in it's crouching position, Extended it is half as high again. All in all a good weekends work.
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