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Future Robots to build

Skynet series

  • CSM-10 anthropomorphic service robots, first soldiers
  • T-1
  • T-100 Seeker
  • T-105 Autonomous Battle Droid (from T3 Rise Of The Machines)
  • T-20 (service robot)
  • T-70 (from T2-3D)
  • T-200 "Scarecrow"
  • T-300 "Fast Walker"
  • T-400 and 500 Endo
  • T-600 Infiltrator "Gaunt"
  • T-700 Infiltrator
  • T-800 Terminator Infiltrator
  • T-850 Terminator Infiltrator (from T3)
  • T-900 Newest TI models
  • T-950 (first TI model to use onboard weapons)
  • I(nfiltrator)-950 Human/Machine Hybrid created by Skynet's captured human scientists - final union of Man and Machine
  • T-1000 (mimetic poly-alloy)
  • T-X (from T3) "Terminatrix"
  • Hunter Killer Tank
  • HK "Centurion"
  • HK Aerial
  • HK Drone
  • Heavy Assault Aerial HK
  • Aerial FHK M-A8 T-770c S-500 Transport
  • T-1,000,000 - Protects Skynet CPU, T2-3D
  • Series 1200 and HK Scouts
  • Series 1500 Anti-Personnel Unit
  • Type 12 FOB "Flying Eyeball"
  • Guardian (Installation defense unit that originally protected Skynet in Terminator: Dawn of Fate before the creation of the T-1,000,000)
  • Model 75 FHK
  • HK "Chrome Widow"
  • Pre-Judgment Day semi- or fully-autonomous service maintenance robots, automated and remote-controlled vehicles, and stealth aircraft
  • HK Carrier
  • HK Bomber
  • HK Titan

Obviously I am NOT going to make all these, But will pick out a couple for future projects.

The T-100 was developed by Sky-Net when it served as an artificial intelligence tool of the company known as Cyberdyne or (CRS).  Its technology is based on the recovered research of late Dr. Miles Bennet Dyson that was at one time thought destroyed by "terrorists".  It had an insect like brain, was autonomous, heavily armored, and carried twin high velocity gattling guns.

This T-1 Robot is work in progress here. This is a huge project and I have some help from my friend GWJax who is fabricating the two Mini gattling guns.

Below is the HK-Drone, GWJax and 4mem8 will attempt to create one of these as a joint effort. To be controlled by R/C and autonomous mode.

The HK-DRONEs were designed by CRS (Cyberdyne) to be unmanned aerial weapons systems which the organization was attempting to market to various military powers.  As thousands were produced, when Sky-Net came on line it immediately had access to a small army of sophisticated tactical air craft. 

Standing over roughly 10 meters tall, 10 meters wide and wieghing 40 tons, the HK-Tank Model 250A was the largest ground based assault vehicle designed by Sky-Net.  Its function was ground pacification.  Its appearance was that of a giant humanoid robot with cannons for arms and tank treads in the place of legs. Though slow moving and not highly intelligent, it was very effective.  It laid waste to whatever stood in its path.

This is another of my favorites and may be built at some point.

Sky-net in progress

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