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  4mem8 Robot

4mem8 Robot

BOT NAME: [4mem8]
BOT TYPE: [Wheeled]
HEIGHT: [4ft 6in]
AI: [Remote, voice]
SENSORS: [Pir, Touch, Camera coming soon]
WEIGHT: [30lbs]


This is something I have been tinkering with it is mainly constructed of aluminuim has several circuit boards. Consists of a base, rotating torso, rotating head up/down movement of head. Mainly uses piledrive gearbox type motors, These are amasing motors as they opperate from 3,6,9,12,15v and with the combination of gearbox's that you attatch the torque is incredible. However they have their limitations as I was using two of these to power my system the weight out grew their capability and striped the gears at 30lb weight. So now I have two 18v double bearing dc motors out of a printer with shaft encoders. For the arms [If you can call them arms] I have used two printer carridge worm drives which gives you the up/down motion and attatched to these will be the pile drive motors for the elbow/wrist/hand movement this will take time to impliment. I have built a 96 channel ir remote using 32 bit keypad flip a switch and you can use the same pad for another 32 functions and switch 2 for another 32 ect. This gives me 96 commands if I need them.At this stage I have two 32 channel receivers and one 16 channel, all outputs are through opto couplers to reduce interference. Great for testing different functions. However last year I had a dissaster when we had a plague of rats in our area and they were very hungary they went through my bot at the base level and destroyed the regulator system by eating their way through. I have repaired some of the system but one only has so much time spare. I will get there!. I WILL HAVE TO TAKE SOME PICS SO YOU ALL CAN SEE.
I have just secured a deal on Trademe [similar to your ebay] for $4,000 worth of electronic parts for $250nz dollars which I will get next week, This will help [more than help] me rebuild him. 6 x 5kg box's of goodies.

Full pic of body

Lower logic circuitry

Other side of logic circuitry

Head section with some circuit boards removed, Namely speech,Digital recorder's x 2. also PIR detectors shown.

Mid section ir channels 1 x 32 channel 1 x 16 channel

Motor driver board

Manual control board

Head rotation motor plus light/dark sensors [Hanging]

Relay drivers for the main drive, As you can see this is where the rats ate my wiring + pissed and s**t on the base plate %$#@#$ . You can also see where some wires have been eaten, Yet to be replaced..

Ir remote with another 32 channel ir receiver.

Underside of ir remote and 32 channel ir receiver.

Digital voice recorder x 2 for speech 16 phrases per board at 30 secs each if needed.

Main motors and shaft encoder.

Close up of shaft encoder.

Looking up.

Rotating head section with up/down motor and limit switches.

he mad proffessor [I wish!]

I will have to get back to this project as it has been a while since any updates.

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