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My robotic wheels

Here are a few wheel designs that I use in my robotics, some are commercial and some home made. The set of wheel below were made from 75mm mini CD disc's.

A servo horn was placed between two mini CD disc's and bolted together leaving a 3mm gap, Then an O ring was slipped over the two disc's and very carefully cynoed together creating a very thin wheel. very efective and light.

These wheel are spare from my ER! robot, I received two extra pairs, these are heavy duty and double ballraced 125mm dia. 6mm shaft.

These wheel were scrounged from an RC car and have proved very usefull in robotic bases.

These wheels are from an R/C racing car and work well 60mm Dia. Blue.

Same as above with no tread [Slicks] gold, 60mm Dia.

LEGO wheels play a big part in my robotics, they work fine with some modifications or as is if you are using LEGO for your robotics.

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