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My new gaming PC

Here are some pics of constructing my new gaming PC, This is my third build over a period of three yrs, When they get out of date they get handed down the chain either to my son or my electronics room.

Gigabyte M/B with OCNZ heat pump and 120mm quite fan.

Close up of OCNZ heat pump, needed for the fast cpu, 3.2 GHZ overclocked to 3.8 GHZ

Ready for the next stage.

Another side view of heat pump.

Enermax P/S description says it all.

The neat wiring looms that come with Enermax P/S.

M/B mounted on acrylic u/v base.

Another view of acrylic u/v base.

Nvidea card as out of the box, This will have mods to the cooling.

Zalman heat pump and memory heatsinks now fitted. These are esential for good cooling of card.

Close up of heat pump and memory heatsinks.

Fitted some PCI u/v slot covers and yellow u/v sleeving.

Same as above.

Starting to come together now, Acrylic case and u/v sleeving.

Enermax P/S fitted and more colored u/v sleeving.

HDD coolers installed and more u/v sleeving.

Ready for other sections to be added.

Front panel, The three top bays are dedicated to light shows within the PC, The bottom bat has a 120mm input fan.

Side view showing colored u/v tubes installed on the front side 1-4, 1 red lava, 2 u/v, 3 Yellow, 4 white, repeated on the other side.

Opposte side showing M/B and tube lighting.

Side panel now installed with two 120mm silent fans, One input and one output. red u/v.

U/v case glowing.

Gamming K/B

Alphacool LCD showing PC specs. This was connected to my other workstation PC for testing prior to going in my gaming PC. This is a USB device that displays system info and you can customize it to have it display [ For instance ] your title of the current game being played scrolling across the screen.


HDD capacity data [Workststion]

OS system data [Work station].

Alphacool LCD above the 120mm fan.

eMagin X 800 Manual.

eMagin X800 3D glasses. Top view.

eMagin X800, underside view.


Intel: 3.2 GHZ CPU  over clocked to 3.8 GHZ
Gigabyte M/B: 1066 Dual channel FSB
Nvidia: 7900Gt 256MB Since changed to an ATI 1950Gt 512MB Overclocked
PC2 5400 Low latency 4gig ram [ Gold edition]
Sata2 HDD's: x 2 320 gig 8mb cache
Logitech G15: Gaming keyboard
Combo52X :Cd rom
BT: dual layer 16X DVD burner
Creative: Cambridge 5.1 Spkrs
Creative: Audigy 2 soundblaster THX
LG: LCD 32: screen
Microsoft: Force feed back 2 Joystick
Logitech: cordless rumble pad 2 controller
Logitech: Trackman mouse
Sunbeam: x 2 LightBus Light show
Sunbeam: x 1 laser show
Enermax: 620 Wat P/S
Zalman: 5.1 surround sound headphone amp
Z800: Virtual reallity headset. 100" sreen at 12ft
OS: Vista Ultimate

Vista Ultimate
works fine with some games BUT NOT all, Untill M/S bring out a service pack it will have some problems, You gotta love and hate it. For one thing it is to heavy on security and causes some issues. I may yet go back to XP for gaming reasons. I currently have 4 PC's and 1 Laptop networked in the system and I play online gaming and LAN with my 14yr old. HL2 and Deathmatch Rocks. And Crysis, Crysis Warhead double rocks.

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