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  Wall-E Part 5


Part 5

As you can see we now add some yellow and spray some rust over the yellow.

Top view of head showing the colors after sanding through some layers.

Here you can see the rivet detail after sanding throughthe yellow to reach the silver and rust color.

Same process with the hands.

Here we are going to mask of some area's of the arm to get the black and whit strips.

Here we have masked of and sprayed black.

A better view of the masked area in black.

Now the black area's are masked off.

and sprayed white, a very light dusting.

A second heavier coat of white.

After the masking is removed. This will be rubbed back with steel wool to get a weathered finish.

These are the paints I use with an airbrush, These are the humbrol range.

Also these off the shelf spray cans work fine for the layered colors for weathering.

As you can now see we have the weathered parts.

Wall-E's weathered head.

Technics air rams and weathered body, Weathering still to go on the rams.

Preparing the front door.

 Door finished after weathering, minus the Wall-E logo.

Starting to take shape after pre assembly.

Close up of detail.

Close up of weathering of the air rams.

The next series of pics are going to be the head electronics. The holes in the rear are for the LEDs blue 18000mcd.

Components for the eyes to come on in the dark.

LED's fitted to the back of the alloy cans.

Circuit completed for LED eyes.

Early stages of LED eyes.

Part 6

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