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  Wall-E Part 6


Part 6

Circuit diagram for LED eyes.

First stages of Eyes, 4 smoked polycarb 38mm dia discs.forefront are the LED holders, Back, are the front lenses, the large hole is for the ultra sonic TX and RX. This section is a mod from the last few pics where the leds were in the back of the Alloy cans, These LEDs are now inserted into the tubes from the front.

18000 mcd blue LEDs.

Wireing up the LEDs.

Wires all loomed up ready to be inserted into the alloy cans.

Fitted into the alloy tubes and sensors in the center.

Cables exiting out the back.

Looking the part now.

Almost lifelike.

Ultra sonic board from Parallax, I have modded this and desoldered the TX and RX U2 and U7, These need to be fitted on extension screened cable leads.

Ultrasonic board fitted to the back of Alloy cans, also note that I have also fitted two 1.5mm ply discs to the back of the cans.

Circuit diagram for night vision.

LEGO Technics parts for the rear section.

Two pairs glued together for the rear section of the head.

This is my J2 board for testing and will not be used in the final system.

These are the components that i used for the first H-bridge system, These are being shown because it was all part of building Wall-E and shows that not always things go smooth in building robots.

Testing the first stages of the H-bridge.

2nd stage with both motors and running well.

All this was tested on my mini logic board, Great for trouble shooting. This part worked fine, hoever we had problems with interfacing with opto couplers to isolate this section from the BS2 stamp. We will get back to another system at a later point.

Here are a series of pics of Wall-E coming to life.

M'mmm is it this big?

Where's my master?

I have something in my eye!.

It was here a minute agao?.

Where did it go!.

Nice smooth bench!.

These are mine, these are mine.

Yummy, yummy, yummy.

You earthlings call that a wall socket?.

I'm keeping these.

Stop looking at my rear!.

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