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  Robotic Madness
  Wall-E Part 7


Part 7

Look at all those stars.


It was there a minute ago!

Look hands.

Eye's all lit up.

I'm sad!.

M'mmm I see metal parts!.

This is the start of the neck tilt mechinism. 3mm ply on left, u channel alloy on right has been cut tp form lever points.

Another view of lever bracket.

3mm ply bolted to the alloy bracket.

Brass 6mm pin and mounting blocks for the neck.

Blocks now have a brass bush inserted, you can just see it.

Clevis from model aircraft accessories.

Mounting blocks installed.

Front view of neck mechinsm.

Fitted in place. this is looking under the top of Wall-E.

Components for the H-Bridge and cpu, H-Bridge is the LM298 to the right of the BS2P40 cpu.

The next few pics are placement of components.

Wall-E now has a logo.

A proud Wall-E with his logo.

Wall-E checking out the competition, A robotic arm SG-5UT.

M'mmm, this arm is longer than mine?.

Spare parts, M'mmmm.

I had to do a rush job and install a saber tooth 5 x 5 motor controller for an up coming Movie promo at our local cinema where Wall-E will be on display.

Part 8

More to come

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