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  Robotic Madness
  Wall-E Part 3


Part 3


[7] Plywood box's inserted over air rams

[8] 1.5mm ply sections for the fingers.

[9] Ply glued onto LEGO.

Sections of hand.

[11] Thumb attached.

[12] Outside edges of finger panels.

[13] Balsa side panels fitted and ram.

[14] Front view.

[15] Ply and balsa arm box sections ready for fitting over rams.

[16] I pair of hands finished apart from sanding.

Finished hands.

Out stretched.

Folded fingers.

Upright position.

Ready to grasp objects.

Downward position.

Rear rams, These are just imatation and do not work.

This section deals with the eyes, and is the most tricky part of the project. Here we are cutting out the front eye profiles shape on a fret saw.

Centre eye section cut out.

6" sanding  machine, A must for these ptojects.

4 sets of 1.5mm ply for the eye sections.

I was lucky in having two alloy pill containers that were just the right size for this application, 140mm long  x 38dia.

Ply discs glued onto the alloy containers.

Balsa sections for the covering between the ply discs.

As you can see the balsa is being laid over the ply discs.

Starting to take shape now.

Two pieces of balsa have been laid on top and glued to the cans.

Top view of balsa plates.

Balsa under plates fitted to the bottom of can.

Part 4


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