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  Wall-E Part 2


Part 2

Cut out on right for the battery monitor.

Front panel and door.

Front view.

Side view.

1.5mm ply panels to simulate metal panels.

Overlayed panels glued in place.

Overlayed panel fitted to side.

Another view.

LEGO Technics air rams used back to back for the arms, 
The center 4 x 4 block is cyno-ed to join them together, Scale rule is 150mm long. Hands are LEGO Technics.

1.5mm ply ply for the arm covers.

Ply box covers the two ram pistons.

Balsa panel for the final layer on the side panel of Wall-E.

As you can see now the side panels are taking shape, Each layer represents a raised metal panel.

Two balsa discs, these are the 2nd to last panels to go on the almost finished sides.

Almost complete sides.

1.5 mm ply panel for the output area of the arm.

Arm output panels glued in place.

Slots cut into the arm output plates. These go through all the layers.

Now looking good as the side panels are fitted to Wall-E.

Other side view.

Arms temporarly fitted.

Side view.

Arms taken of. Door now has ribbed panels glued on.

Ready for the next stage.

Door now hinged., Two pins at the bottom inserted through the sides into the door.

Front view and motors.

Components for the arms, All LEGO Technics parts.

First stages of assembly for the arms. [1]




[5] These parts had tp be cut as shown for the fingers.

Part 3

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