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  Robotic Madness
  J5 part 2

Part 2

Bracket for upper torso.

Bracket attached to torso section.

Central shoulder bracket.

components for the upper shoulder central bracket.

Outer shoulder brackets.

Outer shoulder brackets bolted together.

Upper torso bracket.

Same as above pic.

All bolted together.

Torso section ready to be bolted to Rotation base top section.

Lower torso section bolted to servo and base.

Torso section attached to the base and tracks.

Tuffnel shock spring torso brackets.

Nylon bushes for tuffnel brackets.

Torso spring shock, This is out of a 4 x 4 truck, These are ajustable via different oil grades and or replacable tension springs.

Both FWD and AFT torso shocks in place.

Shoulder servos HR5990 Digital 330oz @ 6v and 440oz @ 7.2v.

Front view of torso.

Pan/tilt servo added.

Low profile axis set for the shoulders.

This is the bearing set up, you have to put these together, I have used ceramic grease in the grooves to help with lubrication. Pop the top on and bolt it up.

Shoulder section being assembled, Servo horn replaced by the large 3/4 white gear.

Another view of the shoulder section.

Brackets for the next shoulder section.

Two pieces bolted together.

A pair, left and right shoulder sections.

Shoulder angle brackets with bearings.

Brackets bolted together, These will form the shoulder sections.

Two lexan rings, These are spacers for the shoulder gearing.

Shoulder sections no constructed showing 3 servos each side.

Connector hub attached to metal servo disc.

Alloy T6 tube fitted, these were experimental to see how they worked being long, they wil be reverted back to 25mm length.

4 x 4 truck shocks for the torso, These help take the load of the forward and back motions.

Close up of shoulder.

Shoulder pic again.

This gearing system helps ofload the shoulder/arm.

Front shock.

Left shoulder attached, [note that the alloy rods are longer ] These will be replaced with 25mm short ones, Just experimenting here with longer ones first.

Right shoulder attached, Now starting to look good.

Close up of the shoulders.

Low profile axis components for the wrist rotate section.

Again the bearing assembly, Don't forget to add the ceramic grease for lubrication.

Hand components, Hex stand off's fitted and [top] fingers assembled.

Hand/gripper assembled with HS 475HB and HS 422 servos installed.

Another view of hand/gripper.

Ball race fitted to bracket for wrist rotation.

I am trying another degree of movement here in the hand/gripper, this servo is behind the wrist rotation servo, This will be removed, I just want to check it out to see if the upper arm servos will lift it.

Rear pic of HR645 servo and 25mm alloy tube.

I pair of wrist brackets with hubs.

Low axis profile in place.

Wrist rotation complete.

This setup has an extra degree of freedom, just experimenting here, this will be removed and the short version added.

Another view.

Extra degree removed, back to the original design.

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