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  J5 Part 3

Part 3

Arm now in place.

Forward view of arm and wrist rotation.

Side view of arm.

Pan/tilt head in place and gripper open.

Gripper open,Hand bent at 90 degrees.

More arm shots.

Arm off for a modification.

These alloy hub connectors had their protrusions filled off.

This setup used the low profile axis gearing for the wrist and this setup is just behind the hand, I tried this to see how it works, it's fine and works well, but as Tyberius stated  this setup with the LBA just below the elbow is a better choice, then the load is taken closer to the elbow servo. This works better.

Still the first setup, I will go through this process first, Then change it to the final setup.

Finished first attempt at wrist LBA behind the hand.

Ok, first stages of altering the LBA to the elbow section where the wrist servo and elbow servo will be together.

LBA gears to be fitted in front of elbow servo shown.

Alteration of LBA gears and bearing to the elbow end.

Side view of LBA and bearing.

All finished, and looks a lot better.

Note that the wrist rotate servo is tucked under the elbow servo, much neater. Thanks to Tyberius.

Note, The arm on the right is the modded version of the wrist joint, the left one has yet to be modded.

Close up of mod.

Side view of modded wrist.

SES carrier for the SCC32 servo controller.

SES carrier and SCC 32 servo controller.

Wrist mods now made, LBA [low profile axis] bearings and gears now below elbow.

ITX computer parts arrived a few days ago from Tyberius [Thanks Tyberius]

Webcams for J5's eyes, speakers to be stripped down, USB 7.1 sound and metal servo discs, these are going to replace the nylon ones that come as standard on most servos,although the HR5990 come with metal ones as in photo.

NiMH batteries for J5 8.8v for the ITX and 10 batteries for the 12v motor drive system, these have to be made up.

New bracket added to the rear shoulder servo.

Bracket mounted on to the shoulder servo.

New bracket mounted on right rear shoulder.

A clearer view of both brackets, These will support two alloy bars as spreaders to stiffen up the shoulder area and also support the SSC 32 board.

Two alloy bars 25mm x 1.5mm x 134mm, These will be bolted to the two brackets.

SES bracket mounted on the two brackets.

SSC 32 mounted to SES and alloy brackets.

All mounted on J5 and 4 L brackets for securing the servo leads.

Finished mod, This gives the upper shoulder a ridged construction.

This is the head section to which the camera's will be mounted, Also two 15mm x 15mm angle alloy and 1 ACB-01 channel.

Alloy channel bolted to the ACB-01

Two camera's mounted on the alloy, Be carefull here NOT toremove the laquer on the circiut boards when tightening up the 4 screws, otherwise you will get a short through the alloy. There are stand off's between the camera boards and the alloy.

Side view showing mounting of boards.

Bottom view, Note stand off's, These are the waste lexan that are punched out of the sheet SES.

Slots cut in the back of the ACB-01 and rubber grommets for the video cables.

Just to be a bit different on my J5 I have included a neck out of a ASB-18.

Now my J5 is starting to come alive, The neck extention is starting to give him a character.

Close up of head and long C bracket on pan servo. May put a mic in the end cavity for the ears.

M'mmmm Is this what I look like!!

Mouth LEDs have to be added yet.

Full side view, Looking more like a J5.

Leaning forward being nosy.

Lots of cables to tie up.

More to come.
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