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  J5 Part 4
Ok, I have pulled my J5 apart as I am not happy with a few of the designs from the stock system, so I have redesigned the upper platform to a higher level, 50mm against the stock 38mm, this allows batteries to be placed on edge and leaves room [plenty] for 5 C cells on each side of the center batteries for the 12v supply to motors in an upright position. The top plat need quite a bit of re-fabrication, but well worth the effort. Also I will be replacing the stock rotational bearing system as this was found to be rather sloppy with the added upper mods. This bearing is similar to the LBA system, It will have a 3-4mm lower alloy plate with a 93mm out dia and a 63mm inner dia and recessed for ball bearings, The upper alloy plate will be 3-4mm 93 mm dia with a central 3mm hole, The original plastic servo disc will be retained but cut down to 60mm dia and fitted to the underside of the top alloy disc, balls inserted and the two discs put together and fitted to the servo in the same manner as before. Pics so far to date.

Top, original stand of posts 38mm to be replaced by 50mm posts.

50mm Stand off posts.

Masking off and cutting the Lexan upper plate to accommodate the motors.

Lexan plate cut to detail.

Other side cut the same.

Cut two alloy angle plates 30mm x 12mm x 2mm.

Top lexan plate offered up to check the motor position.

Ok, here the Lexan plate is shown in it's new position, note the height difference, Original height shown by the alloy bar just below the motor.

Two 3mm holes drilled in each bracket.

Alloy brackets fitted to the upper Lexan plate on the bottom side. These replace the lugs that were on the edge of the lexan plate that located them in place.

Both brackets in place.

Close up of extra cut out for one of the DC motors as one has it's power terminals at the bottom of the motor. This cut out one side only.

Two alloy brackets for the 7.2v and 9.6v batteries.

Brackets in place for mounting.

Batteries in place on Lexan base.

Ten batteries for the 12v motor system, in two packs of five.

J5 disassembled awaiting redesigned parts. 

A few more shots of the battery system almost complete.

Bending the alloy for the battery straps.

Brackets made for securing the two 5 cell packs.

In place and secured.

Final securing of central yellow wire. This mod makes for a very compact system.

Ok, just fitted the top and base back together and find that I do not have to replace the bottom SQ supports, these in conjunction with the altered top alloy brackets are just fine. So will leave as is.

Top alloy brackets.

Top alloy brackets fitted, One small one at the rear takes place of the Lexan slot.

Almost back together. Note that the motors are now recessed into the Lexan.

Charging the 12v batteries.

Underside of my ITX, cut out is for the ITX battery.

Next tier for the ITX P/S and battery switch bank.

Three switches and Power LEDs for 12v,9.6v and 7.2v.

Switch bank and ITX P/S mounted on top of the HDD.

Top view of next stage, One more layer to go which will have the USB and serial connectors.

A few more pics, These are the start of the wiring process whilst I wait for the Alloy rotational base bearing to be made.

Acrylic sheet for the top plate,left cut out is for the serial cable, center is for the ITX cables and right is for the ITX power cables.

Power cables for 12v,9.6v and 7.2v.

Resistors for the status LEDs.

Acrylic sheet drilled for cables.

Terminator blocks fitted.

Saber tooth motor driver installed.

Wiring now taking place.

Wiring the switch bank.

Wiring looms taking place and being secured.

Fuses out and checking the LED status lights.

Alloy bracket for the three charging jacks.

Three charging jacks.

Jacks installed.

Wiring up the charging jacks.

Unit finished and installed.

My new 8" TFT touch screen, A well needed piece of equipment, will come in handy for J5 O.S installation.

Close up.

Acrylic sheet for the final layer, This will house the serial port and USB ports.

Cut out for serial port.

Holes drilled for hex rod.

Hex stand off's for top layer of acrylic.

4mm Acrylic sheet, I have decided to increase the length of the front rotational section by 50mm, This will offset the rear electronics area and keep it in balance.

Front extension and rotational base.

USB ports with alloy brackets for mounting to acrylic sheet.

More to come.
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