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  Robotic Madness
  T-1 Part 4

T-1 Rise of the Machines

Underside showing filler for curved edges.

Close up of filler and curved edges.

Starting to take shape now, Alloy disc is the bearing plate for the top body. Also I still have to do some work on the lower front section.

Closer view, Don't forget that this is only the plug for the fiber glass mold.

Side view.

Front view, Lower section has to have some cosmetics done.

Real T-1 pic to show comparison, Also note lower body mods.

Slight angle shot to give a better view.

Close up of front section, also the rebates have been added in the opening.

Close up of the front section.

Marking out the upper body section, A pair of dividers is essential for this operation.

Cardboard template upper body section, checking to see from the pics if the shape is right.

Rear view, looking good.

MDF templates for the balsa skin as in the lower body section.

First stages of the balsa layup, top section is where the head will go.

Next section, Note the the lower horizontal cuts in the balsa, These are so it will bend and follow the contour of the jig.

Starting to take shape.

This is the second to last bit to go on the bottom of the jig, I am putting a series of cuts horizontally so the balsa can bend around the jig.

Note how easy it is to follow the contour of the jig when cuts are made.

Last lower section to go on, cuts are now closer together for a tighter radius.

Upper body section balsa now glued in place ready for filling.

Comparing the two body sections.

Upper body section now ready for the rear balsa laminates.

Cardboard template for the rear head section,

Side panels removes as this pattern now becomes the top raised panel section. a 6mm sheet will take the form from the top shoulder to the 2nd pen line above the tape. Once this is glued in place on top of what we have already done this becomes the faceted area on the sides.

Rear section of the neck area, This was the hardest to do as I have no documentation on this part, but I think it is close.

Upper body section temporarly in place to check how it looks.

Starting to take shape now, This project is now getting exciting.

Filler added, ready for sanding.

Upper body section now has it's second layer, this is used to reproduce the curved fairing, It is rough filled at this stage.

More pics to come

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