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  Robotic Madness
  T-1 Part 3

T-1 Rise of the Machines

This is another jig for the base section of T-1, Section in the center will be removed, This is where the ballrace will be housed.

Again using the router to get a nice clean hole.

Ready for the next stage.

Make an outer ring out of MDF, This is for the raised area on top of the bearing platform.

Outer ring glued to the bearing plate.

As you can see I have now glued the top bearing plate to the MDF sides, this whole jig will be used for the final plug to make the mold for the lower body section.

Jig on top of the T-1 track base.

Starting to look like the real thing from the pic.

Rear shot and tape measure for size comparison.

We need a cardboard template of the front lower front section to see if this looks right draped over our jig.

A comparison against the pic top right.

My balsa wood stack, this is used to cover the MDF jig.

Using my fret saw to cut the maked out balsa from the cardboard template.

First layer of 6mm balsa glued to jig with cyno glue.

More balsa layers.

Keep adding layers.

Last layer at the bottom of the jig.

Top section of pattern has been cut, this top section will be used for our second layer on top first layer forming a double skin and raised panel.

This is the section we will use for our template to cut the next balsa section.

Templates used to mark out our next cuts on our balsa, A pair of scaling dividers is essential in making these models for acuracy.

Sections cut out for the next gluing session.

Next, to glue on the jig.

As you can see top layer has now been glued in place.

Comparison photo just to see if I am on the right track, it is quite weird, the eye does not always pick up defects, but when you put a photo in the pic you can see any flaws you have made.

Close up of lower body.

Filling in on the underside of the lower body.

Using car bog around the inner edge to form a radius.

Close up of bog on both inner and outer edges.

Rapidfilla used for the radius on the balsa, this is used because it is softer than balsa, when sanding we don't want to gouge out the balsa, so the filler will sand first.

Close up of filler.

Part 4

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